Weather forecast in Istanbul in October

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Weather in Istanbul in October 2015

In October weather in Istanbul becomes much more cool in comparison with September. Rains more often start to go. Approach of autumn is felt. Though the heat already also doesn't happen, but in the afternoon in October in Istanbul still rather warmly.

At the beginning of October air temperature in Istanbul is characterized by the following values of temperatures: air gets warm on the average to +22 degrees on Celsius scale, at night air temperature about +14 degrees on Celsius scale in the afternoon.

In the middle of October weather in Istanbul by results of long-term meteorological observations the following: in the afternoon +19, at the night of +12 degrees on Celsius scale.

Weather at the end of October in Istanbul already the absolutely autumn: in the afternoon air temperature +16, at night about +10 degrees Celsius, even more often go rains. In a month in October in Istanbul about 50 millimeters of a precipitation drop out.

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Meteo forecast in IstanbulWhat weather waits for travelers in Istanbul (Turkey) in October? Weather in October in Istanbul (Turkey)

Whether deliberate it is necessary to go to Istanbul? Don't think! Surely go. Though weather in October here and not hot but to take pleasure in magnificence of this ancient city it is possible at any time years. Only surely in advance reserve hotel – in October in Istanbul often pass every possible forums and exhibitions.


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