Weather forecast in Istanbul in May

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Weather in May 2015 in Istanbul.

May. The spring comes to an end, and in Istanbul it is already enough warmly for pedestrian walks. What weather waits for travelers in Istanbul in May?

At the beginning of May air temperature in Istanbul, as a rule, happens following: +18 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and +10 degrees Celsius.

At the end of May in Istanbul weather already the almost summer: air gets warm on the average to +23 ºС, at night air temperature about +14 ºС in the afternoon. Rains in May in Istanbul practically doesn't happen: the total of a precipitation dropping out in a month as a rule doesn't exceed 30 mm.

By results of long-term meteorological observations monthly average weather in Istanbul in May is characterized by the following sizes of temperatures: air in the afternoon +20 ºС, air at night +12 ºС.
May - meteo forecast in IstanbulWhat weather waits for travelers in Istanbul (Turkey) in May? Weather in May in Istanbul (Turkey)

Water temperature in the sea in Istanbul in May on the average happens about 14 degrees Celsius. Certainly, to bathe in the sea near Istanbul in May still early, and here to examine historical sights it is possible quite comfortably, especially for people who badly transfer a summer heat.

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