Weather forecast in Istanbul in January

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Weather in Istanbul in January 2015

Middle of winter. Along with February, January is the coldest month in Istanbul. Despite cold weather, number of the tourists visiting Istanbul in January it is rather great. Many Europeans come to this city for a meeting of new year.

At the beginning of January weather in Istanbul though cool, but snow drops out at this time not often. Day air temperature on the average makes 7 … 9 degrees on Celsius scale.
Monthly average air temperatures in Istanbul in January the usually following: put +7 degrees Celsius, night +2.

In January of a precipitation in Istanbul happens quite a lot: on the average about 90 millimeters in a month, number of days with a precipitation in January about 12. In Istanbul snow cover usually long doesn't keep.

Water temperature in the sea near Istanbul in January about 12 degrees Celsius.
At the end of January in Istanbul weather, perhaps, the cold for all year. However rains at the end of January happens slightly.
What weather waits for travelers in Istanbul (Turkey) in January? Weather in January in Istanbul (Turkey)

Planning a trip to Istanbul in January surely consider that at this time here many tourists from Russia which like to meet here a holiday of the beginning of year.



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