Weather forecast in Istanbul in February

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Weather in Istanbul in February 2015

Here also there came the last month winters. Certainly, in February in Istanbul happens still rather cold, however in the middle of February approach of spring starts to be felt.

At the beginning of February air temperature in the afternoon in Istanbul about +7 degrees Celsius (+45 degrees Fahrenheit), at the end of February are already slightly warmer: +9 degrees Celsius (+48 degrees Fahrenheit).

Precipitation in February in Istanbul about 70 millimeters in a month, and quite often it is snowing drop out.

Total number of days with a precipitation in February around ten. Sunny days happens not so much, usually there is a cloudy weather.

Getting ready for a trip, surely consider that at this time here cold winds very often blow and to walk on streets better in warm, not blown clothes.

Next month: weather in Istanbul in March.

What weather waits for travelers in Istanbul (Turkey) in February? Weather in February in Istanbul (Turkey)

What advantages the trip to Istanbul in February has? Perhaps, in February in Istanbul there is the smallest number of tourists in comparison with other months of year. Due to a small amount of tourists of the price in hotels at this time are rather low. At this time in museums, as a rule, there are no turns, however consider that in February museums work according to the winter schedule.



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