Weather forecast in Istanbul in December

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Weather in Istanbul in December 2015

The winter in Istanbul also differs rather warm weather in comparison with the northern European countries. And though sunny days in December in Turkey near Istanbul happens relatively not much, here it is always pleasant to spend time.

Certainly, Christmas and New year here meet not so roughly as, for example, in Barcelona or Paris, but also at this time to miss in Istanbul to you hardly it is necessary.

Average air temperature in Istanbul in December makes about +10 degrees in the afternoon and about +5 degrees Celsius (+41 degrees Fahrenheit) at night.

At the beginning of December weather in Istanbul the usually following: air temperature in the afternoon +12 degrees Celsius (+54 degrees Fahrenheit), in night +7 degrees Celsius (+45 degrees Fahrenheit).

At the end of December in Istanbul weather becomes much more cool. There are snowfalls and blizzards. The truth snow cover here happens short.

Total of a precipitation in December in Istanbul – about hundred millimeters.
What weather waits for travelers in Istanbul (Turkey) in December? Weather in December in Istanbul (Turkey)

If you are going to visit ski resorts of Turkey, we to you recommend to call in though for couple of days to Istanbul. It is natural that weather in December disposes to long walks, but you will surely open for yourselves something new in this remarkable city of Turkey. In hotels at this time in Istanbul the prices rather low. Additional information: weather in Istanbul in January.


If you are going to visit Istanbul in December 2015, surely come on our site and learn, what weather will be in Istanbul in December this year.