Weather forecast in Istanbul on months and seasons

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Average weather data for Istanbul on months
Month Temperature of air in the afternoon, °C Temperature of air at night, °C Water temperature, °C Precipitations, mm
 May 20 12 14 30
 June 25 16 20 20
 July 27 18 24 10
 August 27 19 24 10
 Septembr 24 16 22 20
 October 19 12 19 50
 Novembr 13 8 14 80
 December 10 5 11 100
 January 7 2 9 90
 February 8 2 7 70
 March 10 4 8 50
 April 15 8 10 40
Meteo forecast in Istanbul on monthsTurkey. Weather in Istanbul on seasons.

So, Istanbul. A city which is enjoying wide popularity of tourists at any time of year.
The most popular months for visiting of Istanbul it is May, June and September. These months weather not so hot and you to the full can take pleasure in all historical sights of Istanbul.
The basic weather factors on months in Istanbul (air temperature day and night, water temperature, monthly average norm of deposits are resulted in the table from above.

Rounds for Christmas and New year – Istanbul just fine and if to you will carry you can see snow-covered Istanbul are very popular at this time among tourists. Let in December in Istanbul and it is cold, but to visit this city it is necessary in the winter. Also don't take offense at weather if it is not favourable to you.

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Turkey. Gathering in holiday to Istanbul not to sadden the holiday because of weather surprises learn a weather forecast in Istanbul on months on our site
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