Turkey - climate and weather in Istanbul

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Istanbul - climate and weather

The general data about Istanbul.
Istanbul - the big city of Turkey, seaport, large cultural, tourist and industrial center. Istanbul a surprising city: its one part is in Europe, and the second (smaller) in Asia.

Istanbul - weather and climate
Turkey, Istanbul
Climate of Istanbul.
Climate subtropical, Mediterranean, very soft and damp enough.

Weather in Istanbul.
Undoubtedly, weather in Istanbul is unique, and is sometimes unpredictable that is connected with its original geographical position on a joint of Black sea and sea of Marmara.

Weather in Istanbul in the summer.
The summer in Istanbul rather hot, weather at this time year is characterized by enough high temperature of air in the afternoon. However, as all city public transport is equipped by conditioners too hot weather in Istanbul in the summer hardly to you delivers inconveniences.

Weather in Istanbul now:

Weather in Istanbul in the autumn.
Early autumn – one of the best seasons for visiting of Istanbul. Weather in September in Istanbul rather comfortable for tourism: in the afternoon temperature of air about +24 degrees of Celsius, at night about +16 degrees of Celsius. Thus rains happens very little. In October and November weather becomes more cool, rains happens much more, than in September.

Weather in Istanbul in the winter.
In the winter in Istanbul not so comfortably. Weather at this time year cold enough (temperature of air in the afternoon +5 … +10 degrees of Celsius, at night 0 … +5 degrees of Celsius), often go rains, and snow from time to time drops out. Weather in December, January and February in Istanbul is unpredictable enough, to you can carry, and in the winter during your stay in Istanbul the sun will shine, and can for days on end the cold wind will blow and go a sleet.

Weather today and tomorrow:

Weather in Istanbul todayWeather in Istanbul tomorrow

Weather forecast in Istanbul for a week

Monthly average weather in Istanbul:


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Weather in Istanbul.